Raccoons Scenario 2

This was an interesting one also.

Mom had some babies but we could not find her. We took a Thermal Camera around the whole building looking for her or her babies heat signatures and nothing.

We went up into the attic and we scared her from her layer. Here is her thermal signature in the corner of the attic

We set up a live animal trap that night. In the morning we caught her. Now we had to find her babies. We checked the whole attic and soffit system of the house thermally and nothing. We started on interior walls and finally we found where they were.

There was an area of an interior wall above the basement stairs where she got in to have her babies and boy what a spot she found! Could not see the way she got in to that cavity from the attic space.

This is the thermal signature of the area from within a closet

and this images is from the basement stairs

We had to cut holes in the walls to remove the babies, we could not retrieve them from the attic.

Images of the holes we cut

So we took mom and the babies outside. Let mama coon see and hear the babies and let her go on the property. Left the babies in a box for her to come back and retrieve them on her own.

[fpg id=”1277038249_680x750_Raccoon-Scenario-2.xml”]

She was goin up the downspouts to the roof and in through a roof vent. here are images of her paw prints on the down spout.

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