I have always had inquires about Ticks in Niagara.

It seem that more ticks are surviving the winter and they are being found in residential and in industrial yards. I have even had an employee of a Seniors facility bring one into the structure unknowingly.

If you like to take walks in wooded or natural areas your are more likely to encounter Ticks than else where. Ticks are typically transported by larger fur bearing animals but not always. They hang from grass blades or over growth waiting to snag a potential host for a blood meal.

I have had a Tick attach itself to me and it is somewhat difficult to remove.

They typically leave the host when totally engorged, although I have read of an incident where a young boy was very sick for an extended period of time and no one knew what was going on. They found a Tick embedded on his head and just stayed there and fed

An informative website for Ticks is the Canadian Lymes Disease Foundation. This is a very informative site.

Keep in mind that Birds get Ticks also and distribute them.

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