Green Lace Wings

Well when we talk about sting insects this is one of them.

Lacewing are good guys(beneficial insect), they eat lots of aphids and other plant damaging insects, they are predators.

The larvae is typically what will bite you. It’s in my opinion just an annoyance when they bite, I have never reacted to their bites. You will typically encounter a lace wing larvae when you sit under a tree or shrub that has aphids or mites on the plant and they fall on you.

Please don’t kill lace wing larvae.

I was sitting in the backyard doing paper work under an Ash Tree when one bit me. Here are the images.

One is on my finger, not that good of a picture but it gives you an idea of size.

This one shows mouth parts and the typical shape of the body and mouth parts. These are such cool insects. I would hate to be tiny:)

Here is a link on what Green Lace Wings. There are some good images here. Check out how they lay there eggs, way to cool.

Here are some personal images of an adult specimen that was given to me.

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