Acrobat Ants

These ants follow trails. You can easily find them on the exterior of a structure. They will travel quite a distance to nest in your structure. They will show you where they are getting in, that doesn’t mean they are nesting in that vicinity.

Trails that lead into the lawn may easily be lost but if you take the time in a geek fashion you’ll find the trail to find there home.

Trialing Acrobat Ant

I have noticed that they like clay soils, they love stucco. The may be found in window frames, under singles, door frames, areas of previous or present moist areas. They may do damage.

They have a heart shaped abdomen and are supposed to give off a smell when disturbed ( I have never smelt it). They will also raise their abdomens in the air when disturbed, that might be the smell that they give off(Sorry don’t know).

Heart shaped abdomen

The images below show the type of damage they do. What you see is actually Styrofoam from above the corrugated ceiling panels on the flat roof. They will do the same with wood and produce saw dust.  That may also happen in moist wood.

[fpg id=”1271453752_680x750_Acrobat-Ant.xml”]