Yellow Jacket Wasps don’t block them in

Its that time of year for yellow jackets to be observed nesting in you house.

DO NOT SEAL them IN. They will start to enter your living space and disperse on the inside of the structure trying to get outside. You will see them going to windows.

If you have sealed them in go back outside and unplug the area that you sealed them in and let them resume the original travel path they are familiar with.


Grackles are back

Its March 4th  2012 and Our first Migratory bird has arrived. Spring is here!!!!!!!!! They must have caught a ride on that storm that came up from the States. Its way early. the day will be filled with song once again. Grackle

Grackle Images

bed bug seminars

I just completed 2 hotel awareness seminars on the inspection and introduction of Bed Bugs to their facilities. Sorry not able to tell you the Hotels.

Bed bugs are on the rise, doing more residential lately.

Hello world!

I’m working on this web page as I have time to do so, hoping this will be a informative area for you.  Its a project that will be constantly growing.