Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets and Bald Faced Hornets are in full swing.

DO NOT SEAL the Yellow Jackets in!!!!!!!!

Wharf Borer

Wharf borer are in flight now emerging from their homes where they spent their time as larvae.

I encounter this False Blister Beetle typically in buildings. They emerge from under the concrete where there is buried construction material(wood) that is moist. They typically go towards the light thinking they might be able to go outside.

I always find them feeding on Chinese Lantern Plant later during the season. They also like to feed on Mint pollen

Carpenter Ants

Have had a flood of calls on carpenter ants. Males and female reproductives seen leaving the nest. Found quite a few nests.

April Warmth

Wow is it ever warm!  Everything is out moving around. Lots of Carpenter Ant calls and dealing with a lot of odour issues in structures. Lots of Wildlife issues also.