Established in 1989. We protect the health and safety of the community in Niagara through the condition of our services by protecting industrial, commercial food handling, health care facilities, agriculture, residence from insects, rodents and wildlife that may be disease vectors, cause structural damage to homes, buildings and threats to human health and food stocks.

To educate and promote prevention rather than be reactive to pest management scenarios. Be kind to the nature that surrounds us.

Environmental Pest Management is a term that was brought about during the 1980’s by professionals in the industry that I found very convincing. Its an expansion on Integrated Pest Management.

To look at all of the environments present around and in a the structure and ask what needs to be changed to prevent a pest infestation.

This site is meant to be informative and knowledgeable. If you cant find the info you want I should be able to provide it shortly or point you in the right direction.

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