Wharf Borer

Wharf borer are in flight now emerging from their homes where they spent their time as larvae.

I encounter this False Blister Beetle typically in buildings. They emerge from under the concrete where there is buried construction material(wood) that is moist. They typically go towards the light thinking they might be able to go outside.

I always find them feeding on Chinese Lantern Plant later during the season. They also like to feed on Mint pollen

Bee Swarm

This is the first bee swarm of the year. I have never seen them this early in the year.

These are two images from yesterday when I arrived to inspect the problem which was a Honey Bee Swarm on the side of a building.

There are at least a 1000 bees in this swarm. It was late afternoon so I planned to do the swarm removal for the early morning.

I arrived this morning at 7:00 Am to do the removal. There was a lot more there than yesterday and they were all sitting there nice and calm.

I would say closer to 2000 bees. When I put them in the box I was surprised at how heavy they were. Almost dropped the box because it was so heavy.

Sealed them up and made my way to a beekeeper friend.

Yes I was stung twice.